Terms & Conditions


Any agreement to provide dog walking & dog sitting services will be subject to a successful first meeting with the client & assessment of the dog/s.


All dogs must wear an identity disc with Your name, postcode & telephone number displayed. This is now law & failure to do so could result in a fine.


All dogs must be up to date with flea & worming treatments & be vaccinated or have written evidence of recent titer tests.

(a record of these will be required for boarding)

Kennel cough vaccination must be administered at least 6 weeks prior to boarding admission date as this is a live vaccine.

Any other vaccines  must be administered at least 4 weeks prior to the boarding admission date.

Dogs must be sociable with other dogs & children.

We do not accept dogs with any sign of aggression.

We do not offer boarding for entire males or females in season.


Dogs may be boarded with upto 3 other dogs with the owners consent.


You, the owner must make full disclosure of any quality or characteristic problems that may make your dog unsuitable for day care, home boarding or being walked with certain dogs.

This is to include such things as behavioural or health problems, anti-social behaviour including aggression, incontinence or lack of house training, excessive barking/howling/whining or separation anxiety.


Failure to disclose any relevant information will be deemed as a breach of the agreement & Waggytails has the right to seek alternative accomodation for the remainder of the boarding period if unacceptable.


You should notify your neighbours that Waggytails will be visiting in your absence.


We cannot be held responsible for injury caused by your dog itself or by being attacked by another dog or human.


In the event that your dog hurts itself while in our care we will if felt necessary take your dog to your own vet. If however it is considered an emergency we will take your dog to the closest veterinary practice to the current location for treatment.


Waggytails is not held accountable for vet fees or 3rd party claims whilst your dog is in our care.

You as the owner are financially responsible for any loss or damage to Waggytails property whilst your dog is boarding with us.


Dogs in season will be kept on an extending lead & not walked with entire male dogs. We will also deter unwanted advances by using anti-mate spray to reduce aromas.

(Dogs in season will not be taken in for dog sitting or boarding)



We reserve the right to use our personal judgement to cut a walk short when we consider it in the best interests of safety for your dog....ie in extreme weather conditions.


Charges are per day, not night. This applies from when your dog arrives to when your dog leaves, for example Saturday to Saturday will be count as an 8 day stay. (see charges)


Should Waggytails wish to terminate services for any reason you will be given 1 weeks notice.


Any termination of Waggytails services will require 1 weeks paid notice.

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