Dog Walking

Waggytails offers a daily or occasional dog walking service that is tailored to suit the needs of our clients.


When you contact us we will arrange a meeting with you & your dog to fully  assess your walking & care requirements  & to familiarise your dog ready for walking &/or boarding with us.


We would also complete the necessary paperwork to make sure your dog is covered by Waggytails insurance whilst in our care.


There is no obligation & Waggytails does not charge for this first visit.


Your dog will be walked within a pack of up to 6 dogs to have fun & socialise with.

Waggytails does not accept any aggressive dogs to ensure there are lots of wagging tails on our walks.


With the owners permission, most of our dogs are walked off lead & quickly learn to come to the whistle if not already trained to this method of recall. Any dogs walked on lead can be on extending leads, so enabling them to still have a sense of freedom & to interact & have fun with the other dogs.


We offer 4 walks a day at 9am, 11am, 1pm & 3pm (approximate times )

The Dogs are collected in crated vans for safe travel & taken to one of the many lovely walks around Hampshire.  The woodland walks tend to be an all-round firm favourite.


The walks are an hour long plus travel time to & from walking destination.


After all the fun & games we return your dog home happy & content, clean any muddy paws & ensure there is fresh drinking water available. We are always happy to leave a note to say how his time with us has been & tend to any other needs.


As part of our service we will pick up any mail & check home security.


All dogs walked &/or boarded by Waggytails must be up to date with flea & worming treatments & vaccinations, including kennel cough. (kennel cough vaccine must be administered at least 2 weeks prior to boarding)


*If in the event that your dog hurts itself while in our care we will if felt necessary take your dog to your own vet. If however  it is considered an emergency we will take your dog to the closest veterinary practice to the current location for treatment.


Waggytails carry first aid kits on board & are first aid trained.


We will not walk dogs during thunderstorms or in extreme heat unless there is shade & water nearby. We will however visit your dog at home to let him into the garden, have a play & ensure all is well on these rare occasions.*



As well as your dog having fun playing & socialising with his furry pals, regular walks can also help to alleviate many canine behavioural problems such as anxiety, destructiveness, aggression, hyperactivity & depression to mention but a few.

Lack of exercise & mental stimulation can often be contributed towards any one of these problems.

Regular exercise will also help to sustain mobility & maintain a healthy weight as well as a healthier mind.


Who uses a dog walking service?

In the current climate many find they have an increase in work commitments & are unable to give their dog the regular walks, care & attention he is accustomed to…this is where Waggytails can help, by being there when you can't.

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